So here's the thing...

I am Angela Muscariello, this is my website. Welcome!

I'm a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology where my field of study was Game Design and Development with a focus in sound design and audio implementation for video games. So technically, my degree reads as:

Game Design and Development (major)

Music and Technology (minor)

It's all very fancy and formal until you realize that what I do is throw things against the wall (mostly literally, I drop some things too) to record the sound (literally) and see what sticks (only literally sometimes). It is then my job to take those recorded sounds, mix and edit them to my and my team's liking. I do this using magic (Pro Tools).

For the last three years of my schooling I worked with my fellow game design students to create sound assets for their games. I have also been a part of various student film and animation teams acting as a field recorder, Foley artist, and post-production editor.

I am familiar with PC and Mac operating systems and love both of them equally.

Resumes are available upon request.