My current demo reel featuring projects I've worked on over the last couple of years.

The featured projects and my role in each one:
"Gibraltar" (2016)- a video game created by John Miller. I created, recorded, and edited all sound assets and passed them along to John for implementation in Unity. The game is currently in development at the Rochester Institute of Technology's MAGIC Center after going to the final round of judging for the Microsoft Imagine Cup.
"The Nomad" (2016)- a 2D thesis animation by Claire Meixner. I was the Sound Designer, and so was responsible for all Foley work, editing, and the blending of the music and effects. The goal was to create a simple soundscape that complemented the music, which drives the emotion of the narrative. You can watch the entire hand drawn film here (And I REALLY suggest that you do!):
"Hexes!!" (2015)- an Indiegogo campaign video. I was hired to record and edit the game's producer, the video's narrator. You can check out the (fully funded!) game here:
"Bugged Out" (2014)- a student film by Ryan Kovar. As his Sound Designer I got to create the weirdest sounds I've ever had to make... It was selected for RIT's School of Film and Animation 2015 Honors Reel. You can watch the whole animation here:
"Daniella" (2014)- a short film by Michael Slack. I was on set as the Field Recorder. You can watch it here: